Stallion is the current leader of The Co BLack Coats which he created after realizing he the EITC doesnt have a good spy guild.



Early LifeEditEdit

Not much is known about Stallion's early life but he has an almost uncanny abillity (could he possibly lived on the seas?) commanding a ship as much as he does weilding a sword. Although rumors have been going around he is related to The King himself!

EITC lifeEditEdit

stallion is a member of the EITC and was their spy for a while he also worked with Viceroy of Denmark, Matthew Blastshot. Stallion has placed blockades and occupation forces on Port Royal on Vachira and has caught 30 pirates in the proccess of it. Stallion has also been a gifted interrogator in the ways of breaking and persuading pirates. he was also extremly respectful of the famous Cad Bane and almost treated Bane like his boss. Stallion is on almost every day for a few hours around on Vachira Today Stallion looks for the Whitecap Bay where he can supposedly find the mermaids that can give him power over the sea (for the right price of course) it is also rumored that he has a connection to mermaids supposedly found near ravens cove and that is the reason he is seen snooping around there a lot. many of his habits include fight foulberto for knives to cash in for gold, gambling, and basically just chilling out.

The short version about himEdit



Birthday:July 7th

Real name:Grant Patrick Rush

Relatives that are still alive that are known of: Cousin: Billy Hexhead

Favorite Quote:negative sir, ive got the gun, good luck sir

good luck to you to, spartan.

spartan-B312 and captain jacob keyes

Favorite weapon:sword

eye color: hazel

Hair color: blond